High Returns on Agriculture Land Investment

Our investment opportunity provides varied characteristics and great returns under present and future market situations. To make it more fruitful, you can collaborate with Kisaan Parivar's farming. After an excellent survey by timespans conducted over a broad selection of various markets, they concluded that agriculture land has tremendous potential concerning estimated and investment gains.


Rs. 12,46,300/-(5 Guntas)

Income on Farming

12% P.A- Rs. 1,49,556/- per year

Buy back guarantee


acres of cultivation


tonnes of Harvest


Best-in-Class equipment

Why should we invest in farming?

Our expertise is backed by core principles, values and virtues that leverages agricultural production & business.

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We at Kisaan Parivar respect every Individual Investments. We take our responsibility in all kinds to help you gain huge profits.

  • Reliability and Consistency

    Kisaan Parivar is bound to produce some reliable and consistent crop yield. We are sure you will be proud of yourself to join hands with us.

  • Yield Security

    At the end of all we need is perfection, Kisaan Parivar gives the best results to satisfy the investors.

  • Crop Quality

    Our Experts do a quality check for all the crops before it goes into the market.

  • Best Selling Price

    We try to sell our crop at the best price in the market.


Kisaan parivar promises the best quality of products and ensures the healthiest yields to sustain the growing population and support an economically distressed and thriving agricultural community.

We produce fruits by adapting organic farmings. All the fruits produced on Kisaan Parivar's farm are rich in nutrients and minerals.
Our green and fresh vegetables are the reflections of good health. Kisaan Parivaar is the one-stop destination for all the best organic vegetables.
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Kisaan Parivar's pulses have high proteins and nutritional elements. Our milling process is better than ever with highly specialized machines. Our pulses include green gram, red gram, yellow gram, many other grains.
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Every healthy breakfast must include our cereals to gain immense immunity. They are exceptional and make our life healthy and happier than ever. We produce cornflakes, oats and many other portions of cereal with high nutrients.
The fresh and refreshing coffee and tea powders made at Kissan Parivaar will always be the best. Inculcating the habits of refreshments in our daily life will help us in enjoying the true life.
Kisaan Parivar is an expert in generating organic oils without any preservation, which is a primary reason for us to stand strong
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Kisaan Parivar is a progressive corporate farming-based company. Our vision is to enhance the quality of human health by producing organic food with rich nutrients. We are promised to provide a lifetime pleasure for our farmers, vendors, and clients.... Read More


It is hard to complete a task perfectly, but anything worth having doesn't come easy. That's how it is. “The hardest things are always worth fighting for and never letting go”.... Read More