Invest In Farming

High Yield

Organic farming is a procedure where we can get high yield with minimal investment. Most farmers repeat the crop annually, But with Kisaan Parivar you can experience multiple heterogeneous harvests in a single year which makes it more efficient and significant. This is one of the reasons why all the investors in Kisaan Parivar are growing heights


High Demand

Food is an international product with high priority with a rapid growth in demand. The demand for agriculture has tremendously increased in the last 30 years. The need for food is increased day by day by ecological impacts of agriculture. So, investing in agriculture will be the biggest step you will take in life without any regrets.


TAX Benefits

The profits you evolved through farming are not taxable under the head Capital Profits. According to the law Section 10(37) of this Income Tax Act, The Capital Gains on reimbursement obtained on compulsory acquisition of metropolitan agricultural property is exempt by taxation. There are 3 different benefits on farming, that are

  1. There will always be positive effects of income taxation on earnings levels and variability.
  2. There are no property taxes on farm transfers and structural alteration is considered.
  3. There is no taxation on innovation and investment involved in the agriculture sector.

Saving the environment

Day by day the increase in industries, manufacturing units and the intensity of human impact on the agriculture land led to a substantial loss in biodiversity. Kisaan Parivar always considers the environment the first priority. Organic farming systems impacts on greenhouse gas emissions. One of the positive externalities of organic farming is ecological friendliness. So, investing in organic farming will not only benefit you but also benefits mother earth and nature.

Community Growth and Self Satisfaction

The agriculture sector is one of the biggest sectors that contributes a lot to the country’s GDP. This helps us in growing with the community and society. In organic farming, we need a little more work force that creates the employment in the sector that leads to community development. The development that occurs by us will definitely bring out self-satisfaction. As Kisaan Parivar produces the best healthy yield, we love to distribute the surplus all over the world. We have opened the doors, Step forward to enter the world of organic farming. Get Started.