It is hard to complete a task perfectly, but anything worth having doesn't come easy. That's how it is. “The hardest things are always worth fighting for and never letting go”.

Kisaan Parivar is now planning to establish entire green farms in thousands of acres of land. Our farms will majorly be on highways in all metropolitan cities. We think big to make big plans, and Then we implement the most comprehensive strategies.

Our most minor area might start at 2,500 Acres of land.This process will take out massive prime irrigation land from each Highway surrounded by Hyderabad towards Bangalore (East), Mumbai (West), Delhi (North), Chennai (South), and many other parts of India. Our strategy goes like 2000 acres of vast land is dedicated to pure organic farming. We train our farmers in such a way that the quality and quantity of production is always high. All our producers are given the awareness about what we do. Kisaan Parivar not only thinks about the present but also plans for the future. The rest 500 Acres will be the value addition for processing the produced goods with new German technology. This vast area is reserved for rice mills, oil mills, dal mills, rawa and flour mills, and the packaging industry. This model helps the farmers from 12750 villages of Telangana, which dramatically impacts India's future agriculture and economic sector.

We know this is a Huge Task, yet we can achieve it.

“When going gets tough, the tough gets going”

In 250 Acres, we are constructing massive storage godowns to store the products produced in our agriculture lands

Kisaan Parivar is raising the colossal capital required for this massive project by selling farm plots to the investors with a start range of (605 sq. yards). The company has already purchased the land. This helps investors in making a good amount of money. Farmer community is saved and benefited with high-quality food grains and clean atmosphere.